Things That Can Increase the Success Rate in Hookup Dating


The maturity of hookup apps has helped a lot of hookup dating. A large number of strange men and women have started hookup dating quickly. The first meeting is inevitably nervous and unfamiliar. Doing something at this time can promote hookup dating between strangers.

Men can arrive at the dating venue a few minutes in advance, and then sort out their emotions and mentality, prepare for greetings and chat topics. Remember, when you meet for the first time, despite how close both parties are in online flirt chat, in real hookup dating, both of you are still strangers. So at this time, neither men nor women should be extremely excited, nor should they be too indifferent. Face each other with a peaceful mind, just like a friend you haven't seen for a long time, and use a smile to express kindness. After greeting each other, you can go directly to the cinema or restaurant agreed in advance. On the road, men can take care of women's speed, walk slowly, or always pay attention to the traffic to remind her to be careful. This will undoubtedly reflect your gentleman's demeanor, which greatly increases the favorability of the other party to your first impression. When watching movies and eating, remember to take care of each other's tastes and ask each other's opinions. Good communication will help both parties get a good hookup dating.

 Most men are eager to express themselves in the first hookup dating, so they keep talking and ignore women's feelings. In fact, this is wrong. The first hookup dating is more about the two parties confirming some useful information with each other. For example, is the person's personal image as shown on hookup dating apps, or what is the person's personality? Therefore, such a link where both parties are tempted by each other requires the participation of both parties, rather than one person talking all the time and the other listening. At the same time, men need to understand that women tend to be more passive in hookup dating, so men at this time need to use a proactive attitude to promote the development of hookup dating. For example, when women mention a certain topic, men are best to follow Extend this topic instead of being silent. Or men deliberately bring up some heavy topics to destroy the atmosphere of hookup dating, which will make your hookup dating become embarrassing and silent.

Being good at choosing some appropriate topics is a very important part of hookup dating. In the first hookup dating, the topic that broke the silence of both parties was often a topic that aroused the interest of both parties. Men always like to brag about themselves in front of the opposite sex or exaggerate their achievements, but in hookup dating, men need to avoid such topics. Because women don’t think it’s fun to hear you talk about your grand aspirations during the first hookup dating. They look forward to a sincere, kind, and considerate date. Your so-called grand career does not help much for the romantic date women want.