The best Time to Suggest Cougar Dating Offline

For the novice of the older women dating app, the first thing they need to master is the most basic cougar hook up dating skills which are mentioned in our previous article. These are a must-have skills for novices or veterans. Last week I received a friend's email. He asked me  when is the right time to make an older women dating offline after he and his mature dating mate had been chatting online for a long time. So today we will share some hints to tell when is the best time to suggest cougar dating offline. Once you find these hints, it's time for you to make an offline older women dating.

First of all, when we propose an offline cougar hook up dating, we need to do the following work.

When you match your sugar momma, you need to take the time to research her profile and photos. You need to carefully know about the hobbies and what kind of men they like. Second, you need to apply the information you have learned to your chat. You can talk about some topics that she is interested in. When she encounters difficulties, you should give her comfort and help. You can give her some practical advice to solve the problem. You are a good listener, listening intently to the meaning conveyed in her words. And you have to actively move closer to the direction of the man of her type. Use her psychological characteristics to slowly attract her.

After we have made these preparations, if your cougar hook up dating partner has the following signs, then you can make an offline cougar hook up dating.

1: Directly express she like you

Some people are very direct. If they meet someone they like, they will directly tell the person their feelings. If your older woman directly tell you that she like you, then you can propose to go offline cougar hook up dating with her.

2: I hope I can hear your voice.

This sentence may contain two meanings. One is that she want to you to call her, one is to hope to meet you offline. But why don't we try to suggest an offline cougar hook up dating first, in case it succeeds. Because since she said this sentence, she still prefers you. Even if the offline cougar hook up dating is rejected, you can continue to try to contact with her online.

3: Ask you whether your bed skills is good or not

You can answer this question like this: If you want to know it ,you can have a try. How about meeting up tonight. This sentence naturally leads to an offline cougar hook up dating. It doesn't matter if you are refused by the sugar momma. You just need to wait for the next right time to suggest the mature dating offline.