CougarD Is Famous as A Cougar Dating App

CougarD is a cougar hook up dating app designed to make young men and older women have a wonderful cougar hook up dating. Compared to other dating apps, CougarD has many advantages, such as it has cougars with wide age range and it has more different feelings about the dating between young men and older women which has become ordinary in today's world. So, you don't need to worry about the strange eyes from other people. CourgarD is a paradise for cougars and young men.

On CougarD if you want to know what your mature dating partner is doing these days, you can click the Moments. Here you can see the recent situation about him or her. Here you can leave messages for him or her. You can give likes to what he or she has published on the Moments.

When you return to the home page, you will see a lot of photos of users, which are designed to make it easy for you to find your right partner through their body type and appearance. If you are interested in the people on the photo, you can use your finger to gently slide the screen to the right. If you are not interested in the person on the photo, then you can gently slide the screen to the left. If you have enough time, you can filter them one by one. If your time is tight, then you can try the filter button in the upper right corner. Click this button, you will see some setting about location, eye color, hair color, age, etc. You can find your cougar hook up dating partner faster according to these.
If you want to know more about his or her details you can click on this picture, then you can see his or her profile. Below the photo are album and moment.

If you want to learn more about him or her through dialogue, you can click on Messages. Here you can send him or her a message. You can talk about topics of mutual interest and so on.

If you want to see who you have matched before, you can click on History. Here you can see people who have matched you through the system. In Connections you can also see the people you have previously collected you. If you find that you are suddenly interested in them, you can match them and then contact them.

The basic features of CougarD are free, but some advanced features are open to members. So if you want to use its advanced features, you need to be its VIP user. There are three ways to charge CougarD. The cheapest one is a 6-month package needing ¥139.99, with an average of only $23.33 per month. The second cheapest is a three-month package needing $84.99, with an average of only 28.99 per month. The third cheapest is a one-month package, you need to spend $29.99. You can choose the package that suits you according to your financial situation. In short, CougarD charges are more reasonable and cheaper than other app’s charges.